Steam Cleaning For Carpets | AmSteam

Carpet - Cleand and DirtyAmSteam suggests steam cleaning carpets in most cases as a means of removing stains or dirt from the carpet. In about 95% of the cases this is what the leading carpet manufacturers will also recommend.  It is often cited to be better as it will completely rinse the carpet after a clean, leaving no residue.

Our equipment is specially designed to deliver hot water extraction (the process commonly referred to as steam cleaning) that will help remove even the most extensively soiled carpets and the deepest stains. Our technicians are also expertly trained and experienced to deal with all types of common carpet stains, delivering the best solutions for the problem at hand.

If your carpet needs to be rejuvenated do not hesitate to give us a call. Remember don’t just steam clean it …. AmSteam it!

Steam Cleaning For Upholstery and Furniture

Carpets and area rugs are not the only common household items that will often require steam cleaning. In fact almost any soft surface could likely use a periodical steam cleaning whether it looks like it or not.

Upholstered items such as couches, car and RV interiors are almost impossible to thoroughly clean using traditional cleaning methods. AmSteam’s specialists and equipment are able to ensure that the surface and beyond are cleaned to a standard that will not only keep them looking great but also free of transferable germs grime and other buildup.

Our process can often revitalize otherwise old upholstery and leave that old couch or RV interior looking like new. Call us today and see what our experts can do for you.

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