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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most common questions about our Edmonton Carpet Cleaning service are answered here!

We price out carpet cleaning by the number of rooms, which we define as a space under 225 sqft. From there, we add on the number of hallways, stairs and landings. Rooms that are over 225sqft, say a 400 sqft rumpus room, we would count as 2 rooms.

For 2 rooms and a hallway in a house, the cost is $109.95 plus GST. You can find our specials here.

Apartments cost extra.

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It costs more to clean carpets in an apartment because it takes longer. The time it takes to locate and arrange parking, then run several hundred feet of hoses up the stairwell to the unit, takes a lot longer than parking in a driveway and bringing them through the front door.  

If we use a portable, the added time comes from having to empty and refill the machine.

We charge a $130 minimum for apartments, which includes up to 2 rooms and a hallway. 

No, we do not charge for waste, handling or disposal.

Our steam cleaning packages are priced to include the cleaning, treatment for spots and stains, as well as the time to shuffle furniture around. You can count on paying extra for GST but that’s it!

*Our pricing includes steam cleaning, not 3M Scotchgard Protector, Deodorizer or Disinfectant. These are optional treatments though and unless you have a significant urine or pet odour control issue, you’re never required to purchase these.

Heck yes!

What about with portables?


We always use clean water. I know some people think that the water is somehow recycled, where basically we’d pump water into the carpet, suck it up and then it runs back to the truck, through a filter and comes out again, but NO. That’s 100% not how it works.

The technicians fill their “clean water” tank up with good ‘ol City of Edmonton water from a tap, and as they extract water from your carpet, that dirty water is deposited into a completely different tank. Then at the end of the day, we dispose of the dirty water, clean all of the filters and fully disinfect everything for the next day.

*** Note, any equipment that has any contact with another home or surface is disinfected between jobs to help prevent the spread of Covid-19***

No, sadly we cannot. There are some stains that are simply permanent. These stains include* any kind of dye (hair dye, tie dye, clothing dyes), some hot beverages like coffee can be quite difficult and anything brightly coloured like Grape soda, Orange Crush, etc.

We can however guarantee that we’ll show up prepared and we won’t charge you extra for trying everything in our arsenal to remove them.

*These are just examples and is by no means an exhaustive list of all permanent stains.

We’ll send one technician out and what he does is slide the couch forward, clean where it was, slide it back, and put foam blocks underneath it to protect the damp carpet. This process is the same for end tables, chairs, bedside tables, etc.

Furniture like beds (not on wheels), pianos, entertainment units, desks – we just clean around them with a hand tool, so you won’t see a line.

The only time we can somewhat guarantee (of course you never know with Edmonton traffic) is 8AM. After that, it really depends on the weather, traffic, how dirty the houses are before yours, etc.

But we’ve never met a customer who waited around all day and was happy to see us 😉

So, what we’ll do is book you either in the morning, between 8 and 11 or in the afternoon, between 11 and 3. Those are still big windows though, so we’ll call you 30 mins before arrival and that way you can leave to run errands, pick up kids from school, or if it’s empty, meet us there at your appointment time.

We get this question a lot and of course it varies depending on how much we’re cleaning! For an average Livingroom, Diningroom, Hall and flight of stairs, it’ll take about 90 minutes.

For a larger home, say an extra 3 bedrooms and a rumpus room in the basement, you’re looking at about 2.5 to 3 hours depending on how much furniture there is to shuffle around, and how soiled the carpet is.

I’m not sure it’s really safe to do anything during the pandemic. That said, there are a lot of benefits to having clean carpets – for people suffering from allergies, or family’s that have young children crawling around on the carpet, and to deal with the amount of pet hair and dander that our furry friends produce.

We’re following all recommendations and precautions indicated by Alberta Health Services. Our technician’s love their jobs and don’t want to do anything that could result in a company-wide closure – so our team is working hard to stay safe and keep you safe as well. We have an infographic illustrating our process here, but essentially:

  • We’ll contact you before arrival to discuss whether you’d like to remain onsite during the service or not. If you remain onsite, we will maintain an appropriate distance from you throughout the service.
  • Our technicians are equipped with clean masks, gloves and shoe covers to wear in your home.
  • Their equipment is meticulously maintained as well as cleaned and disinfected after each job. So, when he arrives, his hoses and everything coming into your home is clean and disinfected. 
  • For your safety, we’ll disinfect the terminal after each use. If you choose “contactless” service, we’re happy to take payment over the phone.

Of course, if there is anything that we can do to make you more comfortable, we’re happy to do it! Just let us know when you book your appointment.

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