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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Edmonton for Offices, Restaurants, Buildings, Churches and More!

First Impressions are Everything!

Having the carpet in your Edmonton business regularly steam cleaned and professionally maintained will improve the overall appearance of your commercial space. Whether you run a small business or an entire building filled with residents, your clients and customers will appreciate the extra care and attention.

Edmonton Commercial and Business Carpet Cleaning

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Commercial and Business Carpets ​

Commercial carpeting is designed to absorb and trap soil to keep it from getting tracked throughout the space. Therefore, regular cleaning of high traffic areas is essential because over time, as dirt and soil builds up, it rubs against the fibres, causing irreversible wear.

As the carpet wears, it will appear darker (usually down the middle of a hallway or aisle where most foot traffic is).

Regular steam cleaning will remove ground in soil before it wears your carpet, extending its life and saving you thousands in replacement costs. 

We offer both occasional steam cleaning services, as well as annual maintenance plans that include wall-to-wall steam cleaning (or as close as we can depending on the furnishings), a semi annual high traffic area steam cleaning and even monthly spot and stain removals depending on your needs. 

Inquire today about our Steam Cleaning Maintenance Package!

Commercial Steam Cleaning Estimate


Business and commercial carpet cleaning is priced out by the square foot. Typically we charge 25 cents per square foot. If your business needs to be cleaned outside of regular hours, or we can’t reach it with a truck mount, that price may go up.

If you measure it out and give us a call, we can discuss your options!

Our technicians work Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 3PM. If your business needs to be cleaned at night, we do have some carpet cleaners that enjoy working at night that we can ask, but typically our staff prefer to work regular business hours. 

If you require cleaning outside of those hours, inquire and we’ll see what we can do! 

Carpet Cleaning is a seasonal business, and we definitely have more time in our “off” season (January through March) for special requests 😉

To keep costs down and save us a trip, we’d love if you could measure your own space (wall to wall) and call us with the number of square feet. 

If you don’t need a precise price, you’re welcome to just book in an appointment and we’ll come out to measure and clean it at the same time. 

Yes, we clean quite a few apartment buildings! Typically we arrive at 8AM and get to work. Depending on the size of the building, we often send multiple crews so that we can finish before residents arrive back home. 

Yes! If it’s upholstered, we can clean it!

Click here for more information about our upholstery cleaning service.

In that case, we have portable equipment that we can use. In order to use portable equipment, we will need access to a water source and power near the area to be cleaned.



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