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For orders over $130 + GST, we’ll come and pick up your area rug, steam clean it at our facility, wrap it up and deliver it for you! Valid for clients living in the Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert area. 

Area Rug Cleaning

We offer a concierge style area rug cleaning service for your Synthetic, Wool, Oriental or Persian Area Rugs

Area Rug Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a quality solution for area rug cleaning in St. Albert, Sherwood Park or Edmonton & surrounding areas?

Area rugs are usually placed in high traffic areas and are designed to trap dirt, soil and debris from spreading through your home. Investing in a professional area rug cleaning will not only make a huge difference in the overall aesthetics to your home by returning them to their bright, clean appearance, but we’ll also treat them for any stains and lingering odours.

We offer FREE pick up and delivery for orders over $130 + GST

We offer a free pick up and delivery service for area rug cleaning orders over $130 +GST. For best results we recommend that you take advantage of our offsite cleaning service because oftentimes, we clean area rugs by hand and it can take multiple cleanings, over several days, to get the best results.

Our technicians are experienced and qualified to clean anything from synthetic all the way to fine wool and oriental rugs.


Area Rug Cleaning Process Infographic, We'll pick up from you Edmonton area address, Assess, clean and treat. When you area rug is done, we'll contact you to set up a delivery time!

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