Debunked: The Top 6 Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpets contribute to the look, feel, and function of your home, so it is worth making sure you are caring for them properly. Today, we will explain (and debunk!) some of the most widespread carpet cleaning myths, and show you and show you the importance and value of a professional steam clean!

1. Vacuuming is the Same as Deep Cleaning

Many people think that vacuuming at least once a week will keep their carpets clean. Although this does help with day to day cleanliness, what you may not realize is that over time, harmful allergens such as dust mites and mold, and even regular dust and dirt, can get trapped deep down in carpet fibers. Outdoor pollutants such as car exhaust, fungus and pollen can also be hiding in your carpet, out of reach of your regular vacuum. These allergens and pollutants can contribute to asthma and other respiratory ailments, and should be taken very seriously. A professional steam-cleaner will penetrate to this deep-down dirt and debris, leaving your carpet and home clean and healthy.  We recommend steam-cleaning your carpets once or twice a year for optimal control of these deep-seated pollutants. 

2. Stain-Resistant Carpets Don’t Require Steam Cleaning

The purpose of stain-resistant carpets is to help make the cleanup of minor stains and spills easier, not to eliminate the need for deep-cleaning entirely. Stain-resistant treatment won’t stop the allergens and dirt discussed in the previous tip from getting trapped deep in the fibres of your carpets, so stain-resistant carpets need the same yearly deep-cleaning schedule as untreated ones.

3. Professional Carpet Cleaning is a Waste of Money

It’s a common misconception that professional carpet cleaning is an unnecessary expense. Besides the health and cleanliness concerns discussed above, your carpet won’t actually last as long if it’s not cleaned regularly. Many people try to avoid using professionals by steam-cleaning their carpets themselves, with a purchased or rented home carpet steam-cleaner. However, these machines are not as powerful as professional cleaners, which means they won’t be able to clean your carpets as completely as a commercial machine. And of course, it is difficult to replicate the knowledge of a certified professional, who will not only properly remove build-up and allergens, but also knows how to find and treat potential problem areas.

4. Steam Cleaning is Hard on the Carpet

The opposite is true! The longer a carpet goes without a cleaning, the harder it becomes to remove all the soil and allergens, and your carpets actually end up suffering wear and damage as a result. All that built-up dirt is abrasive, and rubs against the fibres, causing premature wear.  Having your carpet cleaned professionally won’t take away the “new” sheen or damage the fibers, but rather keep your carpet looking and feeling new for longer.


5. Steam-Cleaning Causes Mold Growth

It is true that if carpet gets wet enough, water will soak into the underlay and cause the development of mold. However, a certified technician with professional equipment will never leave your carpet that wet, and most professionally cleaned carpets will dry completely within 6-8 hours. Heavily trafficked areas like stairs and hallways may stay damp longer, as these areas are often more thoroughly cleaned. The possibility of mold growth due to wet underlay is actually an argument in favour of a professional clean rather than against it, as this issue is much more likely to develop due to an untrained homeowner attempting their own clean without the proper knowledge or tools. 

6. Carpets Get Dirtier After They Are Cleaned 

This one can actually be true! If you clean your carpet yourself using a rented steam-cleaner or some spot remover, there is a good chance you won’t be able to rinse all the soap out properly, and you will be left with soap residue in your carpet. Over time, that sticky residue will attract dirt and dust like a magnet and your carpet will become dirtier, faster. A professional cleaner will flush out all of the soap, and your carpet will stay cleaner longer.

As you can see, the concerns raised by these carpet cleaning myths can be easily avoided by hiring a certified professional to take care of your dirty-work for you.  AmSteam employs technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and also has a resident Master Textile Cleaner.  You can therefore be assured that when you hire AmSteam, you are receiving high quality, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services, at a reasonable cost with no hidden fees.

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