How to prepare your pets for your upcoming Carpet Cleaning Appointment

If you have pets, steam cleaning is an essential service because let’s be frank; pets have accidents from time to time, they shed, they track in all kinds of stuff from outside on their little paws… so it is absolutely necessary to have a deep cleaning done on your carpets at least once per year and more often if they do have accidents. Necessity aside, it can be a stressful time for the pets in your home. Although our technicians make every effort to make this as easy on you as possible, steam cleaning can be a scary event for your furry family members. The furniture gets moved around, a stranger is in the house and when it’s all done, the carpets are damp and slippery. 

Here’s what you need to know

The Door is Open

Truck Mounted equipment is far superior to portable equipment, however, because it’s mounted to the truck, that means your front door is left open (so we can run the hoses from the truck into your home). The technicians do what they can to make sure it isn’t open more than it HAS to be, but a small animal may still be able to escape. In the 20 years we’ve been in business this hasn’t happened, but the potential is definitely there.  

It’s Loud

Not only is the sound of the truck quite loud, but the sound of the carpet cleaning wand moving across the carpet is also noisy (it’s quite heavy) and then, of course, the sound of furniture being shuffled around.  

It’s Wet

This seems obvious but for a pet that has mobility issues, the carpet can feel unexpectedly slippery.  

Here’s what you can do about it

Preparation is key. First off, if your pet feels happy and comfortable in another location, that is your best and easiest option. However, if a neighbor or “doggy daycare” scenario isn’t an option, here is what you can do:

  • Walk them: If the weather is nice, you can go for a nice long walk with your dog and arrange to have the technician text you when he’s almost done and then you can head back. 
  • You can set your pet up in a room that isn’t being cleaned. Leave them with their favorite toys, blankets, and bed. Include the litter box in the corner or closet for your cats.
  • Treats, Food Toys, Stuffed Kongs, and/or any kind of safe enrichment that they can enjoy, to take their mind off what’s happening. 
  • Join them! Once the technician has done his pre-inspection with you and you’ve had the opportunity to point out any concern areas to him, you can join your pet with a good book and help keep them relaxed until it’s finished. 

Once the technician leaves, try to keep your pet in their comfortable place as long as possible to give the carpets a chance to dry. If your pet is a senior with mobility issues, try to keep them as contained as possible to prevent them from running across the damp carpet and then onto a hard surface, where they could slip. 


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