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Fun Fact: Mold and Mould are the same word – with Mould being the British English spelling of the word.

As experts in cleaning, air quality and emergency restoration AmSteam knows mold and the damage and issues that can often be associated with it. Mold is a serious health hazard. If you think that you may have mold in your house or are at risk please read the tips and information below to help you diagnose your situation. 

Signs of mold in a home can include:
  • An earth-like or musty smell, especially when concentrated to a room or area
  • Stains that seem to seep through the walls, flooring, windows or other indoor surfaces – including furniture.

There are many reasons that mold may appear in a residence, however luckily there are also preventative measures that one can take to help avoid mold growth. Have a look below to see if there is anything you may be neglecting to do in your residence.

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Tips for Preventing Mold Growth

  • Repair leaks of any kind as soon as you notice them
  • Use exhaust fans or an open window to ensure maximum airflow in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Make sure that sinks, showers and bathtubs have proper seals on them
  • Monitor interior humidity levels with a hygrometer
  • Keep carpets and the house clean by vacuuming and washing frequently


If you do discover mold it is suggested that you call the experts for both a diagnosis and for clean up.

As professionals in the industry we AmSteam has the mold solution that is right for your needs.

We take mold seriously! View how mold could potentially be putting your family’s health at risk here.


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