Getting Ready for Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

AmSteam Carpet Cleaning has been serving Edmonton and the Surrounding Area for over 20 years. With all that experience behind us, we do our best to make your carpet cleaning service as seamless as possible. From quoting an accurate price to arriving within the specified window, we strive to make this experience as predictable and painless as possible for you. To make your appointment run as smoothly as possible, here are some steps that you can take to prepare your home (and your family!) for your upcoming appointment. 

The Week Before

I know when I get my carpet cleaned, I always wait and start preparing the morning of and every time, I say to myself, “Next time I am going to do this ahead of time!”. So, learn from me – Shuffle your furniture forward and collect all the “stuff” out from under it. If you have kids, you can expect to find toys, socks, homework, many crumbs and all the lost items from the past year… If you don’t have kids, I imagine it’s fairly clean under there, but you may still find some lost treasures and debris.  

The Night Before

  • Move your lamps, plants and breakables off of side tables, 
  • Shuffle the items that you won’t need in the morning into an area that isn’t getting cleaned (foot stools, light tables, floor plants, stands, etc.),
  • Area rugs that aren’t being cleaned can be rolled up and put aside. 
  • Vacuum if needed: If it’s dirt, dust and lint we’ll be able to take care of that but if it’s more debris-like, you’ll need to vacuum beforehand.

The Morning of:

  • Drink all the coffee, 
  • If you have curtains, you can gently lift them and tuck them aside so they’re off the carpet,
  • Dining room chairs can be moved into the kitchen.

Unless otherwise arranged, all appointments are booked for a technician to arrive either between 8AM and 11AM or 11AM and 3PM. The technician assigned to your job will call you when he’s on his way, giving you about 30 mins notice. 

That’s it! Once your carpet is cleaned, you can expect that it will feel damp for 6-8 hours so you should plan to keep all of the small furniture that you moved aside in preparation, off of the carpet until it is dry. 

Our technicians carry a terminal with them and can accept; Cash, Visa, MasterCard or Debit once the job is completed. 


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