Winter Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Are you hesitant about getting your carpet cleaning done in the winter? Read our most frequently asked questions on the subject and get the answers you’ve been looking for.

Q: Should I get my carpets cleaned in the winter? Won’t my door be wide open?

You can get your carpets cleaned at any time of the year! To keep the cold air outside and the warm air inside, we use a special door drape to seal the minor gap which our hoses need to enter the house. We can also come in through attached garages.

We will also NOT track snow in or wreck your walls! Our courteous and professional team would never want to create a mess in your home – we love being neat and tidy. Therefore we put booties on and corner guards in your home to protect it.

Q: I need my carpets cleaned right away! Can you accommodate immediate appointments?

One of the benefits of winter carpet cleaning is appointment availability. You are much more likely to get an “immediate” appointment if you book before spring, which is our busiest season.

Q: Will my carpet take longer to dry in the winter?

On the contrary! The low humidity and hot air from your furnace and combined cold winter air will actually dry them more quickly.

Q: Will having my carpets cleaned in the winter help or hinder my allergies?

In the winter your home is usually sealed up due to the low temperatures, which means that all of the dust, dirt, pet dander, hair and other debris are simply circulating through your home. Having your carpets cleaned and removing these from your indoor environment should make a huge difference!

Q: How long will I have to wait before another carpet cleaning?

In the winter, people are much more likely to take off their shoes so you’ll actually reap the benefits of your clean carpet longer if you get it done in the winter!

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