Carpet Cleaning Advice for When Baby Starts Crawling

June 19, 2018
Carpets are soft and perfect for babies who are starting to crawl around and explore the world around them. But carpets can also be quite dirty, trapping mold and fungus and bacteria that can potentially harm your child as they crawl around. While pre-baby you may have been able to dump some powerful cleaning chemicals into your carpet, these are also potentially dangerous to young children, which is why you need some baby-safe carpet cleaning strategies. Here are a few tips on how to keep your carpets clean and your baby safe all at the same time. Get Preventative Major carpet cleanings need to happen every once and awhile, but preventative maintenance can help stave off the need for harsh carpet cleaning chemicals. Keeping carpets relatively clean is easier with doormats and a house rule to take your shoes off at the door. Regular vacuuming is also essential for regular maintenance of your carpets, and you should do it twice a week or whenever required. A strong vacuum with a HEPA filter will be very effective in eliminating dust mites and other contaminants trapped in your carpets. Another major way to keep your carpets clean is regular carpet steaming. For households with young children or pets, it’s recommended that you steam clean your carpets every six months. It’s the best way to eradicate bacteria and…
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