7 Simple Steps to Puppy Proofing Your Home

December 10, 2018

The How-Tos of Puppy Proofing Your Home Preparing for a new animal is essential for keeping them safe, happy, and healthy. Always make sure any dangers are out of harm’s way for your animals, and be sure to get your home cleaned and ready for the new arrival. Here are a few ways to help with puppy proofing your home in order to keep your furry friend safe and protect your house – especially those carpets!  1. Sanitize Your Carpets Carpets can harbour all types of bacteria, dust and dirt that can irritate our furry friends, or encourage pets to use rugs and carpets as their own personal pee pad. Our professional and experienced team can ensure a deep, thorough clean, clean your rugs and carpets so that they’re fresh, new and safe for your new pets. 2. Clean up Small Hazards Puppies and kitties can choke on an innumerable amount of objects in your home, so you’ll have to put those away. Throw out any small objects that you don’t need, such as trinkets or accent pieces that could easily end up as a puppy’s chew toy. Keep any other small objects or precious mementos safely stores away and out of reach so that you prevent any accidentally swallowing or choking by your furry friends. 3. Latch Your Cabinets and Cupboards You may be…

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