How to Remove the 13 Most Googled Stains from Your Carpet

March 11, 2019

Whether an oops, a yikes or an uh-oh moment, any seasoned homeowner knows the sting of a fresh stain on their cozy carpets. Desperate for an answer to a stubborn stain? Our team of certified carpet cleaning technicians share the inside scoop on how to remove stains from the carpets in your home, today. Let’s get started. 5 Expert Tips for Removing Stains from Your Carpet It is always best to use cold or room temperate water for most stains; hot water may react with the stain and end up setting it.When it comes to removing stains, a clean, white cloth is always best. In some cases, coloured cloths or towels may end up bleeding dye on to your carpet.Blot! Don’t rub. Rubbing may end up damaging your carpet fibres, or worse, working the stain even deeper into your carpet fibres.When it comes to cleaning solution, use only as much as necessary. Dousing the spot with cleaner may end up flooding the backing of your carpet. When using any new cleaning solution, it is always best to perform a spot test on a small area of carpet that is in a low traffic area such as a corner in a closet. How to Remove Blood from Carpet Yikes! Did a friendly game of ball toss end up going a little sideways? Whether it’s a bleeding…

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