What’s the Deal with Area Rug Cleaning?

At AmSteam Carpet Cleaning, we offer a full concierge style area rug cleaning service for our clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas. From start to finish, you’ll experience professional, experienced customer service that will have you coming back year after year. 

Our area rug cleaning service begins with free afternoon pick up. If you’d like to have your rugs and mats rolled up and ready for us at the front door, this will be a quick appointment. However, if you need some help shuffling the furniture off of it, our technicians are happy to assist with that.

AmSteam Cleaning and Restoration Services is equipped with a large cleaning facility where our experienced technicians will take their time assessing, treating and cleaning your rug. Depending on the condition and what your rug is made of, it can take anywhere from just a few days up to a few weeks to clean your rug, but we’ll communicate an estimated turnaround time when you book. 

Why do area rugs take longer than wall to wall carpet?

Increased soil factor: These rugs designed to absorb and trap soil, which is why they’re a favorite for high traffic areas – they keep the rest of your house clean! In fact, by the time you start to notice that it’s time for them to be cleaned, they are actually quite soiled. 

Fringing: Although it’s a beautiful addition to any area rug, it is a magnet for dirt and dust. Fringing is usually a natural fibre (often cotton) and needs to be cleaned by hand with a special solution to restore it to its former glory. 

Fibre type: These rugs come in a variety of fibres from Synthetic to wool, all the way to fine oriental silks. Most of these area rugs (with the exception of synthetic) have to be cleaned by hand to avoid damage to the delicate, natural fibers. 

Drying: Depending on the fibre type, we may need to accelerate the drying process of your rug (by increasing air movement) or it may need to be hung to dry for best results.

Once your area rug is thoroughly cleaned, we’ll wrap your area rug in plastic and set up an early morning delivery time to bring it back to you.

As with all of our carpet cleaning services, we offer free estimates! All we need to know are the dimensions and what your area rug is made of. Not sure? Oftentimes there is a tag on the back with this information.

Area Rug Cleaning Service Area

AmSteam Carpet Cleaning offers Area Rug Cleaning pick up and delivery service to Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont and Spruce Grove. If you’re outside of our service area, you’re welcome to bring your area rug to our West Edmonton office during business hours.

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