What to Look for When Choosing new Carpet for your Home

Your family deserves a cozy feeling when they walk through their house with bare feet in that new condo, apartment or house. The only way to make that happened is to invest in the right kind of carpet for your home. Knowing where to start can help you make an educated decision as well as guide you through the process of buying the best design and style for your needs. The right carpet can make a big difference in the way a room looks and feels. Take a moment to learn about the things you should look for when investing in new carpeting.


A simple and overlooked aspect of carpeting is the pile. The pile of a carpet is the top surface of and it varies in height and density. The tighter the weave and the more stitch per square inch, the more durable the carpet. The pile you need will vary depending on how much foot traffic you expect in the room and if you have pets.

  • Looped
    To compare two different textures of carpeting, take, for example, looped versus cut pile. The difference is that one is made of yarn and the other made by shearing off tops of level-looped pile. A benefit of looped carpeting is that it is very durable under heavy use, easy to clean and the soil and spills remain on the surface.
  • Cut Pile
    This type of carpet is composed by shearing off the tops of level-looped pile. A benefit of this carpeting is that its cleaner, more refined in appearance.


Dense carpets with closely packed surface yarns and closely woven backing are the most durable. Generally, the more yarn per square yard, the more durable the carpet pile. In this case, it ends up saving money that can be used toward other aspects of your home or carpeting. Ensure you are making a wise investment in your home at every inch, literally.

Pile Height

Keep in mind that one particularly important aspect of carpeting investments are the height of the yarn between the top of the pile and the backing. The other factor to think about is the shorter the pile, the more durable it will be.


Another important aspect of carpeting is density. Think about the tightness of the yarn and more specifically, how it is woven or tufted into carpet. Again, with the density, depending upon its amount of strands per square yard determines its durability.

As you can see, there are so many options for what type of carpeting your home can have. It all depends upon the space that the carpeting will encompass, but more importantly, your preferences for your home.

No matter what shape, texture, design or style you choose, protect your investment with AmSteam so you can enjoy a clean and allergen-free carpet for years.

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