What are the Worst Things to Inhale in Your Home?

The air we breathe inside our home is as important as outside our home. And inside can be worse if your furnace is dirty, if you smoke or use harsh cleaning products. Our lungs can filter out a lot of junk but getting your furnace cleaning done regularly and simply keeping some things out of your home will help immensely.

One of the worst things to be breathing in your home is carbon monoxide. This silent killer is not something you want to fool around with. Make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors on every floor of your home, and have your furnace inspected regularly by the local gas company. The appointments are free so there’s no excuse! Also – never leave your vehicle running in your attached garage – the fumes get sucked right into your house causing a deposit of carbon monoxide that you don’t want!

Most people know that another pollutant you should stay clear of is cigarette smoke. The smoke from cigarettes contains more chemicals than have room to list here and can be deadly if inhaled on a regular basis. If smoking is happening, make sure it’s outside, and away from your home.

One of the chemicals inhaled while smoking is ammonia. This can also be found in household cleaners that some people use on their floors and to disinfect their homes. When inhaled this substance has been known to knock people out cold! Instead, opt for a natural cleaner to banish the grime from your home.

Having mold kicking around your home is a scary thought! Breathing in mold spores on a regular basis has been known to cause chronic respiratory problems. If you have any black mold in damp spots in your house, make sure to take steps to get rid of the problem, and also fix your water damage issue so you don’t have to repeat your steps over again. Small issues can usually be taken care of alone but larger issues should be taken to a restoration services company. Also, mold can be found in your main air distribution hub – the furnace! Schedule a regular furnace cleaning to clean and disinfect it.

Fresh air in your home is a must! Treat your lungs well and they’ll repay your kindness.

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