The Benefits of Benefect

At AmSteam we only use all-natural sanitizers, cleaners and disinfectants. That’s why we use Benefect. Benefect uses only botanical active ingredients to disinfect and clean just like the other products, but without the dangerous chemicals and side effects.

What is a Botanical Active Ingredient?*

In nature, plants produce germ-killing ‘essential oils’ to protect themselves from invading microbes, similar to how our bodies produce antibodies for our protection against disease. Benefect is a revolutionary blend of these antimicrobial extracts, particularly from the herb Thyme. Using these essential oils from plants allows Benefect to achieve an unprecedented Category IV toxicity rating with a broad spectrum disinfectant. To put it simply, Benefect is a ‘plant immune system’ in a bottle.


The disinfectant can be used for:

  • Water Damage & Mold
  • Catastrophic Events
  • Trauma & Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Hard Surface Disinfectant

and is perfect for water damage restoration.

AmSteam carpet cleaning uses the Benefect Decon 30 for:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Contents Decontaminating
  • Carpet Sanitizer* & Deodorizer

Why are we telling you all of this? Because we want you to know that we love kids, pets and the environment too. So we only use cleaners that will not harm any of those very important things.

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