Spring Cleaning: Four Tips to Declutter Your Home

Spring is here. The snow is gone and you are probably realizing that the winter has made for some hoarding in your home. Now is the perfect time to tidy up in anticipation of more hot weather ahead. Here are four decluttering tips to help you this spring cleaning season.

Get Four Bins
Trash. Recycle. Donate. Relocate. Purchasing four bins, each labelled with one of these words, is the first and best step to decluttering any space, whether it is your home, office, or garage. Get large-sized bins, ones that can hold large garbage bags, and take them with you during your spring cleaning endeavor’s. Anytime you find something that needs either the trash, to be recycled, could go to someone who needs it, or should be somewhere else, put it in the respective bin. You will be surprised just how much decluttering you can do when you force yourself to take these bins into every room with you.

Break it Into Segments
The four-bin method is fantastic for going room to room and getting rid of stuff. It can also help you segment out your time since the bins can sometimes fill up surprisingly fast. That said, sometimes rooms are large, or there is a lot of stuff, or your house is simply quite big. In these instances, give yourself manageable segments of time for your decluttering. Commit yourself to filling a bin, or finishing a room completely, or doing everything in 15 minute time chunks. – whatever amount of time or work is enough to give you a break and still come back is the right amount. It will help you feel like you are making progress without getting overwhelmed.

Look at Things Differently
Clutter can sometimes be a matter of perspective. From one angle, a room may look completely clean but, from another, you can see where everything is getting stuffed away to make that illusion. When spring cleaning, don’t simply walk into a room and assess whether it needs cleaning. Instead, look around, change your angles, and find the stuff that can go. It helps your spring cleaning last longer and means you can declutter more effectively.

Don’t Be Scared of Purchases
Many people recommend that you organize before you buy new things. This works as a sort of reward system, and stops you from buying things you don’t need, but it can also get in the way of why you are decluttering. Sometimes getting something you love and then getting rid of the stuff making it impossible to fit is an excellent strategy, and can make you less sentimental about things that really need to go.Spring cleaning is an amazing time to declutter and give your home an extra bit of attention. Make sure you set goals and stick to them when cleaning. It will make for a much easier time and leave you with a cleaner, less cluttered home.

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