Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh and Clean

Whether you have kids, pets, or a significant other who doesn’t understand the concept of putting those smelly socks in the hamper, keeping your home smelling as fresh and clean can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can apply to help make your home—or apartment—smell fresh and clean year-round.

Do away with the smelly

The first tip to keeping your home smelling nice is to kick those smelly things to the curb—literally. Check your garbage disposal, take your garbage out, make sure those litter boxes are clean, and put that laundry in a hamper. This is especially important if you live in an apartment where there isn’t as much space for smells to dissipate. You’ll also want to check on things like drains, fridges, washing machines, and the dishwasher. Some appliances have been known to hold onto smells, so make sure you are treating those appliances appropriately.

Freshen that air

Using air fresheners can help send a nice smell through your home—but make sure you like the smell before you decide to put them all over your home. You can clip car air fresheners onto the air vents to send the scent throughout your home, or you can put them in strategic locations—like in the bathroom, by the garbage, or by the litter box. Placing scented candles around your home can have a similar effect, and can add a bit more décor to your home, although you can always tuck an air freshener into a nice jar or vase to add a bit more of a decorative touch to your air freshening. And don’t forget those dryer sheets—placing them in linen closets and anywhere else you store bedding and clothing can keep things smelling fresh instead of acquiring that musk from sitting too long. Dryer sheets also work well on shoe odors, so feel free to tuck those sheets into those smelly shoes to help freshen your home, too.

If you don’t like those store-bought fragrances, however, there are more natural ways to freshen the air in your home. For instance, indoor plants will actually help to filter your air, and some flowered plants can introduce a nice, natural fragrance—just be sure to allergy check that plant before you let it waft through your home. You can also add citrus slices and herbs to a pot of simmering water to add a nice aroma to the ambiance of your home.


If you have pets or kids, your furniture can get downright smelly. Spraying them down (the furniture, not the pets and kids. Please don’t spray your pets and kids…) with a deodorizer from time to time can help keep everything smelling clean and fresh. For a natural recipe, combine baking soda and water with a few drops of your favourite essential oil to create a deodorizing spray that is as healthy as it is effective. Using this mixture on your mattress from time to time can help keep it smelling as clean and fresh as the sheets you put on it.

Clean those carpets

Carpets tend to hold onto dirt a little more tightly than hardwood floors do, and this can add some unwanted smells to your home. Steam Cleaning carpets can work wonders to bring a fresh scent into the home, and if you are hesitant about doing the grunt work yourself, call a carpet cleaning company like AmSteam today to clean the stink out of those carpets so your house can get back to smelling great.


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