It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

You may have thought spring cleaning was just something your mother made up to get you to clean your room, but it’s actually a real activity—and a trendsetting one, at that. After a long, hard winter, nothing can feel more oppressive than that buildup of dust and clutter. It’s time to open those doors and windows and kick all of that oppressive dirt to the curb; and while you’re emptying out that room, it’s a good time to start on those renovations, too. Here are the newest trends in the world of spring cleaning.

Where to start

Start that spring cleaning fire in the bedroom. Sick of all those extra blankets and heavy curtains to keep away the winter cold? Why not throw new bedding, new curtains, new carpets, and even a fresh new paint job into the spring cleaning mix.

Next on the docket is the kitchen. Your spring cleaning regime may stop at scrubbing those windows, light fixtures, and appliances (yes, even on top and—eek—underneath the fridge), but why stop there when you can add a new coat of paint and even some nice new dishes to replace those mismatched and half-broken old sets?

There’s the bathroom. From a full-out scrub-down (which is much easier to accomplish now that you can open the windows to air out the smell of those cleaners) to an overhaul of that paint job, and even including replacing countertops, sinks, and faucets, the bathroom is one of the top choices of rooms to be made ready for spring. Why? Because a clean, renovated bathroom can increase the resale value of your house! At the very least, refresh this space with new, fluffy colour-coordinated towels, a new shower curtain and replace that grungy bath mat.

Not ready for the big overhaul just yet?

Of course, some of us limit our spring cleaning to the dirt, leaving our renovations to the later months, when we aren’t restless to get back out into the outside world. There are some key areas of the house that are often overlooked, and spring cleaners are itching to tackle them. These include the windows, for starters. It’s been a long, cold, winter, but now you can finally give those windows a scrub, both inside and out.Following the windows are blinds and curtains. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if your drapes can be put in the wash. If not, take them to the dry cleaners. Blinds need a good dusting and wipe down. Use a soft cloth to prevent damage.

Other dirty secrets, or areas that hide a lot of dirt, include carpets, and the tops ceiling fans, light fixtures, and cupboards. You can rent carpet cleaning machines, but save yourself the time and hassle by booking an affordable, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning.

After you have completed all that cleaning, you don’t want airborne dust, VOCs and pathogens to negate your hard work. Book a furnace cleaning each spring so you can breathe in that spring air with confidence.

…and the most recent trend in spring cleaning?

While one of the biggest spring cleaning trends has been DIY renos, green cleaning is quickly climbing to the top of the charts in terms of popularity. Not only is green cleaning the more environmentally friendly option, but it is also a healthier option, and it can be a lot more economical, too. This can mean purchasing from an eco-friendly cleaning line, or mixing your own cleaners using vinegar, lemon and warm water.Spring is all about new beginnings, so take this time to make your spring cleaning chores the start of a fresher, healthier, newer-looking home.

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