Interior Winter Maintenance Checklist

Before you get into the holiday spirit and start decorating to the 9’s, here is an interior home maintenance checklist designed to make sure you leave nothing to chance this holiday season. With all those beautiful decorations hanging and scented candles glowing, completing this list will give you some peace of mind so you can sit back and enjoy the magic of the season with your loved ones, feeling confident that you’re prepared for anything the Alberta Winter throws at you!

  1. Furnace Maintenance: Gearing up for the winter season means making sure that your furnace isn’t going to leave you out in the cold when it hits -30. Getting your furnace inspected yearly will keep your furnace running efficiently and help you avoid costly repairs down the road.
  2. Safe fireplaces: If you enjoy curling up on a cold winter’s night by your cozy fireplace be sure to have your chimney cleaned every year. Unfortunately, using a chimney sweeping log will not suffice as you’ll need to verify the stack is clean and clear from any obstructions.
  3. Keep it cozy: Whether you prefer to bundle up and keep your home on the cooler side or you’re planning to go away for the holidays, ensure you keep your heat on and between 17-22 degrees to ensure your heating system is able to keep up on those bone chilling -40 days. Maintaining consistent heat will ensure your water pipes don’t freeze and potentially flood your home.
  4. Lint traps and dryer vents: Laundry seems like an endless daunting task but when you think of the countless loads you do and the number of times you empty that trusty lint trap, do you ever consider what your vent line and deep down below the lint trap is harbouring? Disconnecting the vent line and clearing it of dust and debris at least once a year is essential to keeping your dryer running efficiently and more importantly, reduces the risk of a potential fire.
  5. Don’t turn off those ceiling fans just yet! Did you know ceiling fans are not just for cooling you on hot summer days? If you run your fans clockwise during the winter months, they will help circulate the air and push all the warm, toasty air back down to your level.
  1. Check/Replace batteries in carbon monoxide and fire detectors: Carbon monoxide detectors do have an expiry date and usually last 10 years, beyond that they become less accurate and may start going off when there is no threat or malfunction when you need them most! Ensure you have at least one functioning detector on each level of your home.
  2. Prepare your entry ways: Protecting your home from the outside elements can be difficult and feel like an endless task of vacuuming and mopping, so be sure to invest in some good quality door mats that are large enough to catch all of the snow and salt mess that comes in on everyone’s boots.
  3. Flush it out! Did you know flushing your hot water tank will remove sediment sitting at the bottom of your tank and keep the parts inside from corroding? Not only does this add to the life of your tank but it keeps it running more efficiently and delivering you hot water!
  4. Weatherproofing for all: Keep all that precious heat right where you want it this winter by weatherproofing your doors and windows – check for gaps, use weather stripping and if you have significant drafting in your windows, cover those with plastic to keep your home warmer and protect your furnace from working overtime trying to keep up with the heat loss.

Home maintenance does seem overwhelming at times (we feel it too!) but spending a morning or two on this list could prevent a costly flood or premature wear on the appliances in your home – saving you time and money! From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy Holiday! 

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