How to Make Small Spaces Feel Big

Small spaces are becoming more and more popular due to preference, budget and necessity. But just because you have a small space doesn’t mean it has to feel tiny! Making your space feel more spacious is just a matter of a few simple tricks and a little bit of elbow grease.


Furniture says a lot about a room, especially if it’s the room is on the small side. The natural tendency when decorating a small space is to buy furniture that is small – but this is not the best way to make the room feel more spacious. Buying a large piece of furniture to anchor the room, like a sectional or large coffee table, will make your room seem larger as it’s able to house something of that size. It will also encourage you to have less of other furniture, thus making the room less cluttered as well.

Another great trick is purchasing a couch with exposed legs. Skirting, or having your couch on the floor will make the room seem much smaller. Showing the space under the couch is a great way to invent space that will add dimension to your room.Instead of placing all of your furniture against the walls in your smaller space, try moving it away from the walls and having it floating instead. Positioning a couch diagonally against a corner is a great way to do this, or adding a sofa table behind your couch will achieve this as well.

Choose multitasking furniture! Using a storage ottoman, or a coffee table that doubles as a small bookcase will reduce the amount of “stuff” you need to have displayed and allow your room to function better.


In a small space the key is to draw the eye to the ceiling so the room seems taller. Hanging your shelves closer to the ceiling will force people to look upwards and creates the illusion of higher ceilings.

As with the large furniture, buying larger decorative pieces like vases, artwork, etc. will make the room feel larger and reduce unneeded clutter.

Leave any windows in the room uncovered. Curtains and blinds will definitely enclose a space.

Also, using mirrors make a room feel much bigger – just be careful of what you are reflecting. Hanging mirrors opposite colourful artwork or windows usually do the trick.


Light wall colours and floors will open up a space immediately. If you have darker wood flooring in your space, try a large, light coloured area rug to cover a large portion of it.

Painting your ceilings with an interesting pattern or vertical stripes on your walls is a bold statement but will also draw people’s attention upwards and make your room seem taller.

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