How to Extend the Life of Your Vacuum

When it comes to your vacuum, it always pays to give it a little extra attention. These five simple tips will help you extend your vacuum’s lifespan while keeping your home extra clean.

Start with the Right Vacuum

A high-quality vacuum is a good investment. Start by purchasing a vacuum with a proven track record that lets you easily access the parts that need to be maintained (drum, brush, canister, etc.). A vacuum that is difficult to take apart will make maintenance more difficult and, potentially, lead to breakages faster over time. Also ensure you have a vacuum with settings that match your flooring. Vacuums can be set for deep pile rugs, wooden flooring, tightly woven area rugs, etc.

Change the Dust Bag or Empty the Canister Before It Gets Too Full

We all have a tendency to stretch the dust bag and/or canister as far as it will go, but this can actually be bad for your vacuum. Bags or canisters that are too full will leak dust, grime and other particles into the rest of the vacuum, gumming up the moving and delicate parts inside. If you empty or replace the bag or canister before it gets too full, you can help protect those pieces and your vacuum will operate at maximum efficiency for longer.

Use Accessories Made for Your Vacuum

Accessories that are not made for your vacuum can be dangerous for it overall. The pieces may not fit properly, causing undue wear-and-tear. It is best to always use pieces designed specifically for your vacuum’s model, especially if the accessories are coming from a third party.

Look Out for Larger Pieces that Can Ruin Your Vacuum

Before you vacuum, it’s always a good idea to do a quick scan of the area for any larger pieces that could potentially damage the vacuum. These can include anything from coins to small toys or just large bits of dirt or mud. All of these pieces should be swept up or picked up prior, so your vacuum can focus on the littler pieces for which it was designed.

Give Your Carpets a Regular Deep Clean

While your vacuum can pick up a lot of dirt and debris, it pays to have your carpets regularly deep cleaned to give it a bit of a break. Deep cleaned carpets will last longer, keep your home cleaner, and help your vacuum from having to work extra hard on dirty carpets.

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