How to Care for Upholstered Furniture

Caring for your upholstered furniture is easy to do and it won’t take much. If you invest about 15 minutes per week, you’ll be rewarded with clean, well maintained upholstery that will last for years to come. We’ve been cleaning upholstery in Edmonton for over 25 years – we know what it takes to keep that “new-upholstery” look. From cleaning and maintenance to reducing wear, we’ve covered it all here. 

5 Tips to Keep Your Upholstered Furniture Clean

  1. Vacuum it once per week using the soft brush attachment. Even though your furniture may not look dirty, there are millions of tiny particles, dust, soil, pet hair and crumbs that are wreaking havoc on your upholstery fibers. These particles rub against the fibers and cause premature wear. Once this happens, your upholstery is prone to additional fiber damage and staining. 
  2. Use Upholstery Arm Covers: The arms of upholstery are where we see the most soil and wear. Why? Oils from your skin absorb into the fabric. That’s why you’ll often notice that the arms and back (where you rest your head) appear darker than the rest of your sofa. 
  3. Clean spills immediately with warm water and a couple drops of clear dish soap (double check there’s no bleach) and gently blot the area with a white cloth. Be careful not to over wet this area. Once the spot is removed, use a clean white towel to dry the area. 
  4. Have your upholstery professionally steam cleaned every 2-3 years and more often if you have children or pets. 
  5. Scotchgarding your upholstery after each cleaning is an essential part of your upholstery maintenance. 3M Scotchgard has been around a long time and most people know that it protects your upholstery from spots and stains. But what a lot of people don’t know, is the invisible shield that protects the fibres from spills also seals the fibres and helps to protect it from damage. Bonus!

How do you keep your upholstered furniture from wearing out?

In addition to keeping it clean and well maintained, it’s also important to rotate those cushions. Why? It’s easier than rotating yourself 😉 We all have a favourite spot on the couch, rotating your cushions will help distribute the wear evenly. 

Also, avoid placing your upholstery in direct sunlight as this will cause the fabric to fade. 

Can I wash my upholstery cushion covers?

Never pull the inserts out of your cushions to wash the covers – although this seems like a good idea, this rarely works well. Usually, the cover comes out nice and clean, but the shape changes and it never seems to cover the cushion quite the same. If your cushions are looking like they need to be cleaned, hire a professional (preferably us!) and we can come out and clean those for you.

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How to care for upholstered furniture
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