How Scotchgard™ Can Make Maintaining Carpets Simple

Don’t risk your carpet’s cleanliness or durability – having it treated with Scotchgard™ is one of the best ways to protect your carpet and make cleaning and maintaining it a breeze.

 If you have carpets or upholstery in your home, office, or anywhere else, you’re probably all too familiar with that sense of panic that grips you whenever you see someone carrying a too-full cup of coffee, or walking in on a rainy day without taking off their shoes. Sound familiar? If you live in fear of a single misstep ruining your carpet forever, your saving grace might just come in a bottle. Scotchgard™ can protect your carpets from stains, wear, and make regular carpet maintenance the easiest thing on your to-do list. 

Dependable Protection For Your Carpet

A coating of Scotchgard keeps your carpet safe from a whole host of risks. Scotchgard protects against both oil and water-based stains, making sure unsavory spills aren’t absorbed into the carpet, never to be fully removed again. It provides a thin, invisible barrier on top of your carpet that makes all the difference. It also protects your carpet from wear and tear; the coating keeps every fibre of your carpet safe from premature damage and lengthens the life of your carpet so that it’ll keep on looking good as new instead of getting worn and faded in a matter of months. 

Make the Cleaning Process Easier For Yourself

When you have your carpet treated with Scotchgard, you make your own life that much easier. Scotchgard keeps spills at the surface of your carpet so you can clean them up before they can be absorbed by the carpet. On top of that, having an application of Scotchgard means that vacuuming will be way more effective – in fact, you’ll remove three times as much dirt when you vacuum than you would have without Scotchgard! Treating your carpets also makes professional cleaning jobs more effective and ensures better results. Your treated carpets will release more stains next time you have them steam-cleaned since dirt and stains will have a harder time bonding with the carpet fibres when they’re protected by Scotchgard. And after you’ve had your carpet cleaned? Thanks to Scotchgard, the job will last longer than it would on an untreated carpet, and your carpet will look freshly cleaned for a long time. 

When Should You Have Your Carpet Treated?

The best time for you to have Scotchgard applied to your carpets is right after cleaning. Manufacturers suggested that you have it re-applied after every cleaning; however, since you don’t need to have your carpets cleaned nearly as regularly when they have a coating of Scotchgard, this isn’t actually all that often. While some people will try to apply Scotchgard to their carpets themselves, you should always have it applied by a professional; professional applicators have the proper equipment and the experience to make sure there aren’t any mistakes and your carpet and furniture is properly protected. Applying Scotchgard yourself puts you at risk of breathing in the product and damaging your health. 

AmSteam offers professional Scotchgard application for only a few cents per square foot. Get a free quote on our website or give us a call at 780-487-0184 to book your appointment today!


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