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Spring is here and that means some home maintenance is in order. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you have some cleaningup to do… inside and out. From carpet cleaning and Scotchgard to eaves trough repair, these tips will help you get your house in fine shape for spring.

Clean and Sctochgard your carpets. Before the sand, mud and grass starts finding its way into your home, make sure you clean away the grime from the last few months and get a layer of 3M Scotchgard Staingard on your carpets. This will protect your carpet fibres all spring and summer and maybe save you an extra carpet cleaning bill!

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure they are in good working order and replace the batteries of need be. They may even need a vacuuming or dusting off if they have gone unchecked all winter.

Replace or clean your furnace filter. Your furnace has been blasting all winter and there is sure to be a lot of dust and debris caked on your filter. If your furnace hasn’t been cleaned in a while, book a furnace cleaning to refresh the air in your home.

Check your dryer vent for lint buildup. Most of us remember to change the lint trap every time we do laundry, but how many of us actually clean the dryer vent? A dirty dryer vent can cause fires and cause your dryer to work less efficiently. (You can ask your furnace cleaning professional about having your dryer vent cleaned as well.)

Get your central air until ready for the hot weather. Change the filters, clear the debris and check the duct work  Better to have it ready now then be calling to have it fixed in the summer!

Check and clean your eaves troughs. If you didn’t clean them in the fall after the leaves fell (and there’s a good chance you didn’t if you live in Edmonton!), they will need to be cleared. Make sure none of them have come away from the house as well.

Clean up the yard. This is the perfect time for pruning and mulching, not to mention de-thatching the lawn and fertilizing.

Wash windows, clean the deck and the patio furniture. Get out the hose and give everything a good wash!

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