Get ready for Back 2 School

It’s almost time for the event parents dread / cherish: the first day of school. That means it’s time to get yourself and your family organized again. With only days to go there are a few crucial things that you can do TODAY to help ease everyone back into the school-day routine. If you take some time out today for these 5 activities you’ll be well on your way to a smooth transition to the first week of school.

1. Start changing their bedtime routine tonight. Bedtime can shift to a half hour earlier which prepares them for an earlier wake-up time tomorrow. Gradually start moving their bedtimes back to normal over the next few days.

2. Finish your shopping. Spend a couple of hours tonight going through all of their clothing and creating a donation pile (or garbage pile for threadbare items) for the clothes that don’t fit. Make a list of exactly what they need to have replaced including:

  • shoes (indoor and outdoor)
  • fall coats and gloves
  • under garments and socks
  • school supplies (including lunch bags and water bottles)

Plan to finish all of your shopping tomorrow night.

4. Clean and organize the “family areas” in your home. Make a dedicate space for each child’s permission slips, notes etc. Get backpacks cleaned up and ready to go as well.  Also, think forward to the first day of school: will you be taking some time off that day? Why not book your carpet, RV  and furnace cleaning on the first day back so you have the house all spic and span byt the time everyone’s home from a long day? (And you’ll beat the cold-weather rush.)

5. Have your family event calendar ready to go! The first week back to school is usually when events start happening – make sure everyone has their own space on the calendar and knows where they’re headed during an already busy week.With a little bit of prep today you will be ready to go on that chaotic first day back!

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