Fall Décor on a Budget

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend and I’m getting all the warm, cozy, Fall “feels”! This year, I’m hosting the big family Thanksgiving dinner and I wanted to spruce up my décor without spending a lot of money. Here’s some inspiration that I’m using, as well as some tips for Fall décor on a budget:

Check out the dollar store

Although some items from the dollar store can be a bit tacky, if you use your imagination (or Pinterest!) you can transform a lot of these items into some cute pieces for your home. The Dollar Tree in Edmonton usually has pretty fall florals that you can use for a centerpiece or wreath.  

Venture Outdoors

Adding a fall vibe to your décor can be as simple as heading outside for a nature walk or cleaning out your garden.  Gathering leaves, pine cones, pumpkins, firewood, gourds, and squashes all add a beautiful, rustic feel to your home. 

Thrift Store

I don’t know about you but as a child of the 80’s, my mother had so many amber colored glassware pieces that I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t encouraged her to let go! Vintage, colored glass from the 50’s is making a comeback! Check your local thrift store for colored glass pieces like vases, candle holders, and mugs to add to your décor. 

Shop at Home

The first step that I always take when I want to change up a space is to start digging around my storage room and look at what I already have. Oftentimes, I can find items that I forgot about and with some paint or fabric, I can transform into something “new”. Also, bringing out your warm fuzzy blankets and putting down area rugs all add to a warm, cozy fall feel! 

This photo is from Christina Dennis, The DIY Mommy from Stony Plain, AB – you can check out her blog here. 


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