Cold and Flu Prevention for Kids

Cold and flu season is upon us! Here are a few tips on how to head off cold and flu symptoms in your kids.

Get Everyone a Flu Shot

Vaccinations stop disease, and when it comes to the flu, the best chance you have is free, easy to get, and effective. It’s called a flu shot and all you need is your health card and a local pharmacy. Getting a flu shot dramatically reduces your chances of getting the flu, but it works even more effectively if everyone in your family gets one as well. When more people are vaccinated, the virus that causes the flu has less viable hosts, and will be less likely to spread. That’s good news for you and your family.

That being said, vaccines are only effective when given to people who can have them. If you or a family member has had health concerns, you should check with a medical professional, like a nurse, doctor, or pharmacist, before getting your shot.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

There are millions of tiny bacteria and micro-particles trapped in the carpets and rugs of your home. Every day, dirt and other materials are ground into your carpet from actions as simple as letting the dog back in from the backyard or spilling something. These stains and accidents can be cleaned up fairly easily, but they can often leave behind bacteria and other things that can get us sick, and those tiny microorganisms bury deeper into the carpet and multiply.

Regular carpet cleanings are a key aspect of keeping your family safe. Annual cleanings are highly recommended for all households, but getting your carpets cleaned just before flu season can help you and your family stay healthy.There are millions of tiny bacteria and micro-particles trapped in the carpets and rugs of your home.

Wash Your Hands

People touch things constantly, from their faces to dirty surfaces to pretty much anything. In doing so, we pick things up in our everyday activities. To prevent the things we pick up from infecting our bodies, we have to break the cycle of touching things, getting infected with bacteria and viruses, and letting those pathogens multiply on our bodies. The simplest way to do that is to regularly wash your hands. Every time you cook, eat, go to the bathroom, or come home from crowded areas like a shopping mall, wash your hands. Encourage your children to do the same as well, helping them form good habits for regular hand washing. This is still the most recommended flu and cold prevention advice given out by doctors because it’s simple, easy, and extremely effective.Keeping your home clean is key to keeping our bodies safe. Be sure to keep your home clean to help prevent infections in your home, including using the services of professional floor cleaners like AmSteam. We can ensure your carpets are bacteria-free so that you and your family can make it through flu season with a lot less tissues.

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