Christmas Cleaning: 9 Steps To a Gleaming Guest Room

Christmas Cleaning Tips For The Guest Room

The whole family gathered around the crackling fireplace, laughing and enjoying a holiday hot cocoa; there’s no question that hosting holiday guests is a special part of celebrating Christmas together.However, it’s no secret that preparing your home for the merriest time of the year can also quickly become a stressful feat.Follow these simple Christmas cleaning tips for a worry-free holiday hosting experience!

1. Guest Room Bedding

Strip your spare bedroom sheets, pillowcases and covers and send them for a trip to the washing machine.

2. Guest Room Mattress

Let’s face it – the furniture, mattresses and bedding typically found in guest bedrooms are typically pieces of our own that we’ve since retired.Having seen it’s fair share of slumberers over the years, it really is best to have your mattress cleaned by a professional to remove the built up dust, sweat and bacteria.A deep clean from one of our truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning systems will prevent any musty smells that holiday guests may otherwise notice, and lead to an overall cleaner home as well.

3. Guest Room Furniture

Often times, spare bedrooms aren’t used on a regular basis, so it’s no wonder a bit of dust will collect.Use a damp microfibre cloth to dust all hard surfaces such as the bed frame, nightstand, and any dressers or other furniture in the room.

4. Guest Room Closet

It’s no fun living out of a suitcase, so clearing a little closet space or a spare drawer in the dresser is a thoughtful Christmas cleaning touch that will make for a more comfortable holiday stay.

5. Guest Room Floors

Give the carpets a once-over with the vacuum and wash the floors if they are hardwood.If you haven’t had the carpets steam cleaned in the past year or two, it’s a great idea to have them professionally cleaned – especially if your guests have any little ones who may be crawling.

6. Guest Bath Vanity

Remove any dust, water marks and soap scum from the vanity counters, the tap and mirrors by giving the vanity a quick wash.Wipe down the soap dispenser and fill it with liquid soap, or for an added touch, add a seasonal scented or locally purchased bar of soap.

7. Guest Bath Toilet

Wipe down the base and exterior of the toilet, clean the seat and lid, and give the bowl a good scrub. Fill the bowl with toilet clean to freshen.

8. Guest Bath Medicine Cabinet

Of course sweet Aunty Irma won’t be rustling through your medicine cabinet, right? Maybe not.Give your medicine cabinet a quick once-over and dispose of any outdated medications or items that are no longer needed and somehow ended up being stored in the spare medicine cabinet.

9. Guest Bath Laundry

Take the shower curtains, bath mats and hand towels for a soapy swim to ensure a fresh and Christmas clean bathroom.If you’d like to enlist the help of our professional carpet cleaning and mattress cleaning experts to ensure a happy holiday hosting experience, give us a call today for a quick and easy quote!

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