5 Carpet-Cleaning Tips for When Baby Starts Crawling

Carpets are soft, and therefore perfect flooring for babies who are starting to crawl and explore the world around them. But carpets can also be quite dirty, trapping mold, fungus and bacteria that can potentially harm your child. While in your pre-baby life you may have been using powerful cleaning chemicals on your carpet, these are potentially dangerous to young children. So, now you need some baby-safe carpet cleaning strategies! Here are 5 carpet cleaning tips for when baby starts crawling, so you can keep your carpets clean and your baby safe all at the same time.

Get Preventative
Major carpet cleanings need to happen every once and awhile, but preventative maintenance can help stave off the need for harsh carpet cleaning chemicals. Keeping carpets relatively clean is aided by doormats, and a house rule to take your shoes off at the door. Regular vacuuming is also essential for maintenance of your carpets, and you should do it twice a week or whenever required. A strong vacuum with a HEPA filter will be very effective in eliminating dust mites and other contaminants trapped in your carpets. In terms of babies themselves, let’s face it. Sometimes you also have to prevent the baby from harming the carpet, and not the other way around! Consider putting a blanket down where your baby is sitting and playing to prevent spit-up, diaper leaks, or snack messes from coming into direct contact with your carpet.

Make Sure Carpets Stay Dry
Soggy, wet or even damp carpets can become breeding grounds for mildew, bacteria and mold, all of which are not healthy for your baby. Keeping your carpet dry is essential for keeping it clean. So, when you have to dampen it, be sure to open some windows for air circulation, or turn on some fans to speed up the drying process. And make sure you clean up spills immediately, so they don’t penetrate the carpet fibres.

Stick to Non-Toxic Home-Cleaning Solutions
Avoid spot and stain removal products you can purchase in the grocery store. These products often come with strong warnings about safety and toxicity, and since you don’t have access to a professional truck-mounted steam-cleaning unit to flush all those chemicals out afterward, you may be leaving some of those chemicals behind. Most carpet stains and messes can be taken care of with dish detergent, vinegar, club soda, or even just warm water. Stick to these non-toxic home cleaning solutions for messes to help ensure your baby doesn’t accidentally come in contact with something that can harm them. Join our mailing list to receive a free printable spot and stain removal guide!

Look at Labels
If you must purchase a carpet-cleaning product, remember that not all carpet cleaners are dangerous to your baby. In fact, some are specifically designed to be baby-safe. Just be sure to read the label before you buy anything. Terms like “hazardous to your health,” “poison,” “danger,” “irritating,” “corrosive,” “highly flammable,” “highly combustible” and “strong sensitizer” are not good for your baby and should be avoided.

Deep-Clean Regularly

Keeping your baby safe when they start crawling can be a challenge, but your carpets don’t have to be part of the problem! By cleaning carpets regularly, keeping them dry, sticking to safe home remedies for cleaning, and regularly steam-cleaning, you can have pristine carpets that your baby will love to crawl around on.

For your family-friendly carpet cleaning needs, be sure to contact the experienced professionals at AmSteam. All our products are safe to use with a baby in the house. Our favourite product for disinfecting is Benefect, which is not only safe for crawling babies, it is also food safe: https://amsteam.com/carpet-cleaning-edmonton/deodorizing-disinfecting/

AmSteam employs technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and also has a resident Master Textile Cleaner.  You can therefore be assured that when you hire AmSteam, you are receiving high quality, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services, at a reasonable cost with no hidden fees. To find out more or to book an appointment you can visit our website.  

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