Can I get my Carpet Cleaned in the Winter? Popular Myths Debunked

Yes! You can get your carpet cleaned in the winter. There are a few myths circulating about why you “shouldn’t” do this, so let’s dive in and talk about why these are simply not true. Cleaning your carpet over the winter months can actually be very beneficial to your health, mental well-being, and of course the life of your carpets.  

Can I get my Carpet Cleaned in the Winter?

Myth #1: My carpet won’t dry because I can’t open the windows and doors.

This is just not true. In fact, an argument can be made for the exact opposite claim. In the summertime, outside air can be quite humid, and therefore open windows and doors may actually prolong drying time. In contrast, during the winter months the air is very dry, and your furnace is often cranked up and pumping out warm air which stays that way due to the closed exterior doors and windows. For those of us living in the Edmonton area, we can confidently expect our carpets to be fully dry in the normal range of 6-8 hours. 

Myth #2: The door will need to stay open while my carpets are being cleaned, and it will be freezing inside the house!

At AmSteam Carpet Cleaning, we use professional truck-mounted units for residential carpet cleaning, so yes, your door will be open. That much is true! However, we don’t want to freeze any more than you do, so we take some precautions to ensure it stays as warm as possible inside your house while we do our thing. Our Edmonton Area carpet cleaners are equipped with door cozies that are placed around the door. They help close the gaps around the hose, so that the door is only open just wide enough for our hoses to come in. The door will not be wide open with winter wind blasting in! Your house will stay comfortable while we are working.

Can I get my Carpet Cleaned in the Winter?   Door with cozy.

Myth #3: There’s no point to getting my carpets cleaned in the winter, because all of the snow and mud will make them dirty again.

Some might agree with Erma Bombeck, who said that “cleaning the house while the children are home is like shoveling while it’s still snowing.” When it comes to winter mud and slush, it would be easy to think the same principle is true for your carpets and avoid deep cleaning at all until winter is all over with.  However, just like cleaning the house with children around, cleaning your carpets in the dirtiest season of the year is actually very important, because just imagine how bad things would get if you did nothing at all! Doing a mid-winter clean will ensure that you keep dirt and grime and salt residue to a manageable level, and you won’t be left with an absolute disaster when spring rolls around with its own mess to think about! We also know a clean house is good for our mental health, and during the dark winter months, it is comforting to feel like your house is clean and cozy and under your control. 

If you don’t wear your slushy boots and shoes around the house at all times, there is no reason to think that a mid-winter clean wouldn’t be worth it! Yes, it is true that it is tough to keep those entryways clean.

That aside, it’s important to remember that you don’t just clean your carpets because they’re visibly dirty: you also clean them because of what you CAN’T see. Allergens and pollutants build up over the winter months and affect your indoor air quality. This is especially important now, when because of Covid (see our Covid Precautions Here) we’re all stuck at home for long periods of time.

There you have it! You do not need to be concerned about having your carpets cleaned during the long Edmonton Winter. Ready for a quote? Click here and fill out an estimate form. We’ll get back to you with a price within the next business day.

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