Back to School Organization Tips

It’s that time of the year again when summer grinds to a slow halt and parents start to gear up for another season: school season! School will soon be back in session, and it’s a great time to get your little ones (and yourself) organized again. Between the lunches and the influx of paper, sand and general information, it may seem like a battle you won’t win. But staying organized can be easy with the following simple tips.

Ready, Set Go…

The weather hasn’t quite turned, but it’s time to start thinking about fall clothes and necessities on those chilly mornings. Switch out the summer hats for light-weight toques and some stretchy gloves. Put the sandals aside and get the sneakers back out. And swap out the sunscreen for some sweaters or hoodies.

Set the Rules!

Your kids will be tired after school and want to relax, and rejuvenating from a long day is essential for their well-being. BUT… before they plop down for a snack, make sure that they don’t leave you with a mess at the front door. Make sure they know when they come in they need to:

  • empty their shoes OUTSIDE;
  • hang up their coats in a designated area;
  • and clean out their backpack and remove all news items, food and silverware.

A Place for Everything

Set up some easy storage solutions and spaces that your kids can put their school things without getting in the way of the main thoroughfare in your home. Make some room in the coat closet for sweaters and some space for their sneakers. Adding hooks in the mudroom, containers for hats and gloves, and shoe racks can cut down tremendously on lost items and disorganization.

Get Working

When it’s time for homework, or unloading assignments and artwork, do your kids have a designated spot? Or does it all get piled on the kitchen counter? Be proactive and set up a work space for their notebooks, laptops, pens, pencils and completed work. Adding a little accordion file for their work will help you keep it organized and keep it in good condition so you can save it for them when they’re older.

Sort the Pantry

School snacks and lunches can be a pain and cause a huge mess in the pantry and fridge. If you start early and separate the school snacks from the “at-home” snacks it will be easier for them to grab the things they need for the next day. This works in the fridge too: after grocery shopping, make a space or add a plastic container in that houses the lunch-only snacks and essentials: yogurt, applesauce, cheese snacks, carrot and celery sticks that are ready to go, etc. You (or they) will have lunch made in a snap.

School doesn’t have to equate to disorganization and rushing around… If you can implement some simple tricks you should have it made. Now for getting the kids to bed on time… that’s a different blog.

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