9 Fail-Proof Ways To Stop Your Dog From Peeing On The Carpet

9 Indispensable Tips to Stop Your Dog from Peeing on the Carpet

Have you been struggling with figuring out how to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet? 

Rest at ease. 

We’ve compiled the best of tips and strategies on how help your pup avoid accidents – and they’re all right here.

1. Visit the Vet

Before you enlist the aid of any of these strategies for avoiding accidents in your home, evaluate whether it could be a health condition that is causing your puppy to potty. 

Health issues such as urinary infections, bladder stones, kidney issues, diabetes and even arthritis may all prevent your dear doggy from being able to control their urination. 

As such, if you suspect there could be a lurking ailment, a visit to the vet really is the best approach. 

2. Clearly Communicate Boundaries

If you’re having trouble with stopping your dog from peeing on the carpet, the issue could be that their puppy potty training wasn’t quite up to snuff. 

Try your hand again at clearly communicating where Rover should, and shouldn’t go potty. 

When your dog waits by the door to go out, or uses the right spot, provide positive reinforcement by cheering, clapping and using their name with enthusiasm. If you’re really feeling generous, throw in a training treat as a reward, too!

When an accident happens, use your finger to point strongly and issue a loud “No!” or “Bad!” to clearly let them know that this is not good behaviour. 

Never use violence such as slapping or squeezing your dog, and don’t ever push their face into the stain. Extreme behaviour like this is completely unnecessary, unkind and may just even lead to them being scared to go to the bathroom in front of you again – even in the correct spot.

3. Have Your Dog Neutered

Perhaps it’s a territorial testimony your pooch is hoping to achieve. 

Male dogs, in particular, may tend to mark their territory in your home by peeing on specific locations in your home. 

A new baby, pet, partner or another animal’s scent on your clothing may all trigger your pet to pee in order to reclaim the real estate. 

If you are having repetitive issues with your pet marking in your home, consider having them spayed or neutered to stop your dog from peeing on carpet.

4. Install a Bell

Could it be that Tucker need to use the toilet, but struggles with how to let you know?

There are a number of miniature doggy bells on the market which can be mounted to the wall beside the door you use to let your dog out. 

Alternatively, a looped string with a few bells on the end can be looped around the door handle and fit to hang at your dog’s height may.

Add whichever option you choose to your home, and begin a new habit of tapping your dog’s paw on the bell each time you let them out. 

Use positive reinforcement each time they use the bell then potty outside.

By empowering your pup, you may come to a simple solution.

5. Regular Potty Breaks

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. 

Are you letting your precious pup out often enough to use the facilities?

Ensure you are mindful of letting your furry friend out on an appropriate schedule. 

The most popular times your pooch has gotta go include:

  • Upon waking (yes, this includes naps!)
  • After playing
  • After eating
  • Before you leave your home
  • Before bedtime

6. Enlist Help

If you’ll be gone for a prolonged period of time, find some friendly to help you and your mini munchkin out by coming over to let them out for a potty break. 

Why not try asking:

  • A friend
  • A family member
  • A neighbor

In today’s tech age, there are also many convenient and easy to use digital solutions like apps or local dog walking services that provide check-in services for a small fee. 

7. Restrict Access

Until you’re able to find the root cause of the issue, simply setting up barriers between your cute critter and carpet may be the best solution. 

Close doors, set up a baby gate or crate your pup until doggy while you’re out of the home or during the night while you’re sleeping.

8. Intense Supervision

One very effective solution to use in order to stop dogs from peeing on the carpet is to watch them closely, and issue a stern warning when they show signs an accident’s about to happen. 

If you see your dog sniffing and circling, they’re most likely about to leave a stinky surprise. 

In employing intense supervision, keep an eye on your pup and the moment they begin to show warning signs of an accident, sternly say “No!”, pick them up and put them down in their correct potty spot.

9. Use Doggy Diapers

Resorting to puppy products such as doggy diapers or belly bands can serve as a quick fix or to address an acute medical condition, however, these products shouldn’t be used long term. 

If you are having problems with how to stop your dog from peeing on the carpet, the best solution is truly to get to the root of it, and address it correctly.

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