7 Tips to JumpStart Spring Cleaning

It’s spring in Edmonton and time to clean! Throw open the windows and get the duster out because our houses need a deep clean. But where do we start? No matter how big or small your abode is, it can be a daunting task to really dig in and organize, clean, vacuum, declutter… The best thing for jump starting your spring cleaning is making a plan of attack and sticking to your plan for the best deep cleaning your house has ever had!

  1. Make your appointments. Call and book your carpet cleaning and furnace cleaning appointments first. Then work around that date when you make your cleaning schedule.
  2. Schedule your cleaning on specific days when you have time to spare. Don’t expect it to all be done in one day, especially if you have kids!
  3. Make a priority list of tasks or room to clean first. Start with the most high traffic areas in your home, like the front and back hall areas. Then work your way through your house from the top down.
  4. Get your cleaning solutions together in one spot and all the materials you’ll need to clean.
  5. When you start on a room, clean in this order:
    – Sort into piles
    – Throw out (or donate)
    – Dust
    – Clean
    – Vacuum

    Note: when you put your items in the “donate” pile, put them into your vehicle immediately so you have the motivation to drop them off and not leave them lying around to clutter up a different room!
  6. Do one room at a time and resolve to finish that room so you don’t end up with a bigger mess than when you started!
  7. Enlist help for the process, especially moving large pieces of furniture. You don’t want any spring cleaning injuries!

Don’t forget

  • When cleaning your bedroom be sure to flip and rotate your mattress.
  • Cut the power to your lights to wipe down the fixtures, bulbs and shades.
  • Microwave your damp sponge on high for one minute to disinfect.
  • Spray your shower doors with lemon oil so water beads up and doesn’t cause a buildup.

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