5 Tips for a Clean RV

It’s travelling season in Alberta and that means RVs are abundant on our roads. Taking a road trip in your home away from home is too much fun… but cleaning it can sometimes be a drag! In such a small space, how do you keep your RV clean and tidy? From wall organizers to tube socks, here are 5 easy tips to keeping your RV in tip top shape season after season.

1. Enjoy the great outdoors! When it comes to meal time, play time or even relaxation time if the weather is good then don’t waste it! This will minimize the mess made in your RV.

2. Dust and sweep/vacuum often. Because you’re constantly on the road dust from your travels can build up quickly.

  • Bring a Dusting mitt for flat surfaces.
  • Use an old tube sock for blinds.
  • A small paintbrush works on window tracks.

Don’t forget to book your yearly upholstery or carpet cleaning as well to remove any lingering dirt and stains.

3. Store your larger items (like a broom) under beds and couches if possible.

4. Hanging pockets work wonders in RVs! Organize cooking utensils, remotes, paper, pens, toiletries, you name it!

5. Only use eco-friendly cleaners when you’re on your travels. There are many types of plant-based dish soap and vinegar is great for cleanup!

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