5 Powerful Benefits of Green Cleaning Products

It doesn’t matter what we clean with – all cleaners are the same… right? Wrong. With the large number of green cleaning products available to the public, cleaning with chemicals may be a thing of the past. Bleach and harsh anti-bacterial cleansers get the job done, but at what cost?Many typical cleaners on the market are harmful not only to your house, but could also be harmful to your health and possibly to your pet’s health!

Why You Should Use Green Cleaning Products

  1. Natural cleaners aren’t as “Ruff!” on your furry friends. Dogs, cats and other pets spend most of their time on their unprotected little paws running around your house. When they’re not running around they’re cleaning those tender toes. Licking chemicals off of their body may not be the best pastime as they ingest them. Over a long period of time this could become a danger.
  2. And never mind those critters, what about those other little hairless critters scurrying around your house: your kids! Exposure to cleaning agents could also easily be ingested– yuck. Unless every surface of your house is rinsed thoroughly after every cleaning you may have cleaners on your counters, tables, etc.
  3. Natural cleaners are also safe for people with asthma. There have been cases of asthmatic attacks set off by cleaners simply due to their harsh fumes. Non-chemical cleaners typical active ingredients are derived from plants and many of them are unscented.
  4. Products made from natural sources are not harmful to the environment. Washing these gentle cleaners down the drain won’t contaminate the ground or the water.
  5. Another great benefit of natural cleaners? They get the job done just as well. You may not know it but plants produce wonderful oils that can cut through grease and grime just as well and there are even some anti-bacterial all-natural cleaners on the market if you need to sanitize.

So when you’re cleaning, turn to the natural next time and see how clean your house can really be.

Did you know AmSteam uses green cleaning products in their Carpet Cleaning Service?


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