3 Types of Bacteria That Could Be Hiding in Your Couch!

There are all kinds of bacteria in the world. These ones could be lurking in your couch, carpets, and home.

Bacteria. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are lurking in your couch, your carpets, and your home. Most are generally benign, happy to coexist with humans. But some are less friendly and can lead to all kinds of health issues. Here are five such harmful bacteria that could be hiding in your home.

1. Proteobacteria Hiding on Your Pets and Their Favorite Places

If you own a dog, chances are your home has proteobacteria. This is a broad group of bacteria, covering roughly a third of all known species, so the problems can be quite diverse, up to and including what causes whooping cough. In general, however, this group of bacteria primarily travels not through the body, or through your dog’s body, but through dust. So if you have a dog that loves the outdoors, chances are, your home has this bacteria, and if they love to sleep on the couch or carpet, rest assured that this bacteria is deeply embedded.

2. Streptococcus Mutans on Your Sheets

You may have heard of this kind of bacteria from your dentist as it is the primary reason we brush our teeth. These bacteria love to hang out in our mouths, chomping down on any food caught there and releasing acid during their digestion process. It is this acid and these bacteria that we are trying to get rid of with a thorough cleaning, but they don’t only reside in our mouths. They also hang out in our homes. In general, these bacteria live on our sheets and pillowcases, but it can end up on our couches as well, especially if you are prone to falling asleep while watching television. Thankfully, these bacteria need moist environments in which to live, but they can live for some time on dry material, meaning your nightly routine may help the bacteria grow. Dangerous bacteria could be lurking in almost every part of your home, from your couch to your pillow cases, and while regular cleaning will take care of most, sometimes a more intensive clean is required. In those instances, regular furniture and carpet cleaning can help kill the bacteria and make your home a healthier environment.

3. E. Coli and Friends Wherever Food Ends Up

You know when you pull back the couch cushions looking for the remote and you find change and little food particles, too? Well, those food particles are probably covered in enterobacteriaceae, the family of bacteria that includes E. Coli. Most of these bacteria are harmless, content to chow down on your forgotten leftovers, but some can cause severe issues, especially for those most likely to put those pieces of food in their mouths—namely pets and small children. Generally, the food these bacteria like best is fruit and vegetables, so you can worry less if the food is mostly chips and popcorn, but it’s still a good excuse to give your couch a regular cleaning.

If you are looking for carpet and furniture cleaning, be sure to contact the professionals. Armed with the right equipment and cleaning products, Amsteam can help eliminate more of these harmful kinds of bacteria while keeping your home looking its absolute best.


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