3 Helpful Fall Grooming Tips for Your Dog

It seems like you have just gotten to a manageable part of spring shedding when the fall shedding begins.Depending on the dog, it may not seem like the shedding even let up at all.Fall shedding is about growing a fuller and thicker coat of hair to prepare for cooler weather.There is hair loss involved, but not as dramatic as what takes place in the spring.Proper grooming will help ensure that your dog’s fall coat is healthy and your house takes a minimum of a hit as possible.

1. Keep that Brush Handy

Regular brushing will help ensure that your dog’s hair remains clean and more manageable. As spring hair falls out and a thicker coat grows in, it becomes easier for thick or long haired dogs to get matted coats. It is also surprisingly easy for dust, small debris and even insects to become caught up in their fur. Regular brushing will not only keep this down to a minimum, it also gives your dog a shiny, healthier look by removing any dead and loose hair. As always, brushing also helps to keep excess dog hair from floating around your home.

2. Review Your Shampoo

During the summertime, your pet’s shampoo is focused on a lighter scent for a thinner coat. As your dog’s hair becomes longer and thicker for winter, the same pet shampoo will not have the same results. Your dog will take longer to dry and will require a larger amount of shampoo. A light summery scent will no longer suffice. Much like their humans, winter also means dry skin for dogs. Switch to a shampoo that will penetrate a thicker coat but still clean as effectively. It needs to be easy to wash with but still easy to rinse out. Not all pet washes are created equally; with a bit of trial and error, you will find a shampoo that works best with your pet’s winter coat.

3. Change Your Brush

At this time of the year, your grooming technique for your dogs is geared more towards maintenance and cleanliness. Yes you are removing old and dead hair, but you are also focusing on keeping the incoming winter coat fresh, clean and detangled. The hair removal brush you use in the spring and summer is not necessary in the fall. Switch from a shedding brush to a grooming brush.Fall grooming for your dog is a much simpler process then what you will go through in the spring. Your focus during the fall should be on keeping your pet’s new and thicker coat of hair as clean and detangled as possible. Your pet will look better and have a healthier coat. Your home will be cleaner with less dirt and excess hair to contend with.

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