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Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning Edmonton | AmSteam

Is your vehicle in need of a refresh?

AmSteam offers top notch vehicle upholstery cleaning. We will clean the upholstery of your seats and floors just as professionally and quickly as we can clean your furniture.

Edmonton weather is unpredictable and harsh, leaving us with dirty, dusty, muddy and slushy conditions. All of these can lead to a vehicle that is covered in footprints, sticky handprints and more.

We also do RV upholstery and carpets as well – Take care of your home away from home this summer!

Why AmSteam? 

  1. We will come to you! Call us today and book your appointment – we’ll drive to your home so it’s convenient for you.
  2. No hidden fees: We stick to our word.
  3. Professional, courteous service: Our employees are trained expertly and they aim to treat our customers well and do a fantastic job.

Our vehicle upholstery cleaning service will rejuvenate your car’s interior and leave it fresh, clean and ready for another season. 

Remember: Don’t Just Steam it… AmSteam it!

*Pricing will vary depending on size of vehicle – prices from $99.95.

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