5 Unusual Uses of Scotchgard

3M Scotchgard Staingard is a great way to keep your furniture and carpets looking brand new for longer. It is a powerful stain and water repellant that can be used on a wide variety of fabrics, keeping them safe from messy toddlers and naughty dogs alike. The versatility of this product is amazing, check out the following five uses for Scotchgard, most you’ve likely never heard of. Protection from Food Stains on Clothes Are you a notoriously messy eater? Whether you are just out on the town or attending a classy event, it’s not a good look to walk around… read more >>

3 Types of Bacteria That Could Be Hiding in Your Couch!

Photo of e. coli bacteria
There are all kinds of bacteria in the world. These ones could be lurking in your couch, carpets, and home. Bacteria. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are lurking in your couch, your carpets, and your home. Most are generally benign, happy to coexist with humans. But some are less friendly and can lead to all kinds of health issues. Here are five such harmful bacteria that could be hiding in your home. Proteobacteria Hiding on Your Pets and Their Favorite Places If you own a dog, chances are your home has proteobacteria. This is a broad group of… read more >>

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning | Home Tips

spring cleaning tips
You may have thought spring cleaning was just something your mother made up to get you to clean your room, but it’s actually a real activity—and a trendsetting one, at that.  After a long, hard winter, nothing can feel more oppressive than that buildup of dust and clutter.  It’s time to open those doors and windows and kick all of that oppressive dirt to the curb; and while you’re emptying out that room, it’s a good time to start on those renovations, too.  Here are the newest trends in the world of spring cleaning. Where to start Start that spring… read more >>

Asthma News: 2016

dog hair on carpet
The Latest Advancements in Asthma Prevention and Treatment Asthma is defined as a condition of the respiratory system which causes the bronchi in the lungs to have spasms. Ultimately, this results in breathing issues. Asthma is often triggered by an allergic reaction to microbes or other particles in the air, causing flare ups. This condition has been around for many years, with over 230 million people affected world-wide. While all of these individuals have the same condition, the symptoms and triggers for each case differ from person to person, depending on the situation and severity of the asthma. The best… read more >>

10 Great Things to Take RVing | AmSteam Edmonton

smores camping rving
Summer is here and it’s time to get out on the open road! You’ve packed your clothes, cleaned the RV and you’re ready to roll! But before you go, make sure you pack these cool items to take with you on your trip. Some are nexessities and some are just for fun but all of them make the trip go a lot more smoothly. Offline Activities: We all know that tablets, phones and other devices have cornered the market on “rainy day activities” but make sure you pack some activities that don’t require charging, scrolling or screen time! Packing board… read more >>