5 Unusual Uses of Scotchgard

3M Scotchgard Staingard is a great way to keep your furniture and carpets looking brand new for longer. It is a powerful stain and water repellant that can be used on a wide variety of fabrics, keeping them safe from messy toddlers and naughty dogs alike. The versatility of this product is amazing, check out the following five uses for Scotchgard, most you’ve likely never heard of. Protection from Food Stains on Clothes Are you a notoriously messy eater? Whether you are just out on the town or attending a classy event, it’s not a good look to walk around… read more >>

Tips to Prevent Melting Snow from Entering Basements

With warmer weather comes melting snow, and with melting snow comes the potential for basement leaks. Melting snow can be just as dangerous as heavy rainfall when it comes to basement flooding. Especially when there are drastic changes in the weather, a particularly warm day can easily melt a few feet of snow, which often causes nearby lakes and rivers to overflow. Thankfully, there are ways that you can help prevent melting snow from entering your basement and causing water damage. Repair Foundation Cracks Immediately If you have an unfinished basement, it is relatively easy to keep an eye on… read more >>

Do You Still Have Post-Christmas Clutter? Six Must-Try Home Organization Tips

It turns out credit card debt isn’t the only thing that can follow people around months after Christmas. Clutter also has a tendency to stick around long after the holidays are over. The New Year is the perfect excuse to get organized. Here are some simple home organization tips that will help you cut the clutter and get your home back from the chaos of Christmas. Use Your Doors The door is possibly the most overlooked home organization tool and there is barely a room that cannot benefit from some hooks placed on a door. In the bathroom, you can… read more >>

Five Tips for Inspecting Your Home Furnace

Man inspecting home furnace with flashlight.
As the season of ice and snow is quickly approaching, it’s important to ensure your furnace is fully functioning so you can keep your home warm and comfortable. Here are five tips for inspecting your home furnace.   Check the Power Supply No matter what type of heating system you have, it’s important to check your furnace regularly to ensure it’s operating properly. It may sound obvious, but when a heating system malfunctions, the problem is usually at the source. No matter what type of heating system you have, it’s important to check that the furnace has not lost power.… read more >>

How To Protect Your Carpet For When The Snow Hits

Snow can be a wonderful thing. There’s nothing quite like waking up to a world all covered in pure, pristine white flakes falling from the sky, making your street look like a snow globe. As beautiful as it is, snow can make housekeeping a more difficult task than it was in the summer, especially if you have carpets in your house. Snow, as you’re aware, is frozen water that turns into puddles when it comes indoors. It’s often laden with mud, sand and plant fragments, none of which you want tracked onto your carpets. Here are some ways to keep… read more >>

Redesign Your Front Entrance for Fall

The best way to get into the spirit of fall is to redesign your front entrance to match the season! There are many small changes that you can make to get festive, without blowing your budget. By capturing some of the most iconic autumn elements and pulling them into your design, you can easily achieve the best looking foyer on the block! Rustic Chic Reclaimed wood is a great way to bring a sense of warmth into your front entrance this fall. By adding something as simple as a small bench or chair, you can take your entrance space to… read more >>

Five Things You Didn’t Know you Could do with Duct Tape | Home Tips

tips for duct tape
Duct tape has become a universal tool in almost every handyman's bag.  It is a staple in temporary household and even industrial repairs.  As its popularity continues to grow, so do its uses.  Here are five things you may not have known that you can easily do with a simple roll of duct tape. Repair watercraft Duct tape has been used for years in temporary watercraft repair.  Its water resistant qualities have been used to aid in repairing small holes and leaks on recreation watercraft.  It's small enough to carry on board and can literally be life saving in a… read more >>

Holiday Entertaining Made Easy     

cheese, entertaining, home tips
We have officially entered holiday season! Thanksgiving marks the start of the “drop-by” months and the impromptu get-togethers. Being the host is so much fun how can you turn it down? There are a few things to always keep around your home for easy and quick holiday entertaining. Stock up with these and you’ll always be ready for guests! Pantry Your pantry should always be stocked with some necessities just in case people stop by unexpectedly. Ingredients for a great dip: Throwing together a dip in under five minutes is a skill that every hostess should have! You may have your favourite… read more >>