Tips for Getting your Home Ready for Winter

The changing of the seasons is nothing new. Every year, we look out the window to see the leaves changing from green to red and gold, before eventually falling to the ground. Every year, flocks of geese and other birds fly south, and sure enough, glittering blankets of frost begin to appear on the grass in the morning. Yet, in spite of how routine and predicable these changes in the seasons are, it somehow feels like no one is ever really ready for it. Most people end up scrambling at the last minute to get ready for the cold. However,… read more >>

Reducing Energy Consumption in Your Home | Edmonton Furnace Cleaning

Here are a few tips from our partner the Green Business Association to take small steps to reduce energy consumption in your home. Implementing  a few energy-saving measures will help fight air pollution, global warming and reduce your family's electric or natural gas bill. Invest in energy saving power strips, which can make up for their costs in just a few weeks. Turn off lights when not in use, especially in bathrooms, kitchens and lower use areas. Take advantage of natural daylight and reduce lighting inside the home. Be use to power down home office equipment when you are done… read more >>

Getting Rid of Dust in Your Home – Edmonton Furnace Cleaning

Many of us have an unwanted guest in our homes: dust! Dust can be frustrating at the least, and a health hazard to those with respiratory problems such as asthma. So how can you minimize this annoyance and keep your house clean? Here are a few tips to get rid of dust in your home. Clean the Air To keep the air in your home dust free booking a furnace cleaning is the first step. Getting a professional company to rid your ducts, vents and furnace of dust is a necessary step to stop the distribution of particles in your… read more >>