Carpet Cleaning Advice for When Baby Starts Crawling

Baby's hands crawling on carpet
Carpets are soft and perfect for babies who are starting to crawl around and explore the world around them. But carpets can also be quite dirty, trapping mold and fungus and bacteria that can potentially harm your child as they crawl around. While pre-baby you may have been able to dump some powerful cleaning chemicals into your carpet, these are also potentially dangerous to young children, which is why you need some baby-safe carpet cleaning strategies. Here are a few tips on how to keep your carpets clean and your baby safe all at the same time. Get Preventative Major… read more >>

Winter Is Over! Here Are the Best Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

While winter is finally over, there is evidence of it everywhere – especially inside your car. The brutal winter months can really do a number on your car’s upholstery and carpet flooring. Edmonton weather is unpredictable and harsh, leaving us with dirty, dusty, muddy, and slushy conditions. Is your car covered in footprints, handprints, or more? No problem! We will help to make your car look like new once again with some of our best car cleaning tips and tricks! Leave Your Carpets for Last In most situations, it’s probably your interior carpets that are in the worst condition after… read more >>

Spring Cleaning: Four Tips to Declutter Your Home

Spring is here. The snow is gone and you are probably realizing that the winter has made for some hoarding in your home. Now is the perfect time to tidy up in anticipation of more hot weather ahead. Here are four decluttering tips to help you this spring cleaning season. Get Four Bins Trash. Recycle. Donate. Relocate. Purchasing four bins, each labelled with one of these words, is the first and best step to decluttering any space, whether it is your home, office, or garage. Get large-sized bins, ones that can hold large garbage bags, and take them with you… read more >>

How to Remove the Five Most Common Carpet Stains

Carpets are expensive and easily stained all at the same time. It makes keeping them looking their best difficult even without stains. But when stains occur, you have to get them out quickly. Here is a short guide to getting out the most common carpet stains to keep your carpets looking brand new. Remember, for every carpet stain, it is important to blot and not scrub, since rubbing the stain will drive it deeper into the carpet’s fibers. Wine The common idea regarding red wine stains is to counter it with white wine. But what if it’s a rose? Or… read more >>

5 Unusual Uses of Scotchgard

3M Scotchgard Staingard is a great way to keep your furniture and carpets looking brand new for longer. It is a powerful stain and water repellant that can be used on a wide variety of fabrics, keeping them safe from messy toddlers and naughty dogs alike. The versatility of this product is amazing, check out the following five uses for Scotchgard, most you’ve likely never heard of. Protection from Food Stains on Clothes Are you a notoriously messy eater? Whether you are just out on the town or attending a classy event, it’s not a good look to walk around… read more >>

Do You Still Have Post-Christmas Clutter? Six Must-Try Home Organization Tips

It turns out credit card debt isn’t the only thing that can follow people around months after Christmas. Clutter also has a tendency to stick around long after the holidays are over. The New Year is the perfect excuse to get organized. Here are some simple home organization tips that will help you cut the clutter and get your home back from the chaos of Christmas. Use Your Doors The door is possibly the most overlooked home organization tool and there is barely a room that cannot benefit from some hooks placed on a door. In the bathroom, you can… read more >>

New Year, New Pet: How to Pet Proof Your Home (and Carpets)

Summary: Got a new family member over the holidays? Then it’s time to pet proof your home. Here are a few ways to keep your furry friend safe and protect your home, especially your carpets. If you or your family adopted a new pet over the holidays, you’ll need to pet-proof your home. Here are a few quick and simple pet proofing tips to help you keep your new furry family member safe and happy, and protect your home from accidents and other pet-related disasters. Get a Gate (or two, or three) While we love having our pets around us,… read more >>

Redesign Your Front Entrance for Fall

The best way to get into the spirit of fall is to redesign your front entrance to match the season! There are many small changes that you can make to get festive, without blowing your budget. By capturing some of the most iconic autumn elements and pulling them into your design, you can easily achieve the best looking foyer on the block! Rustic Chic Reclaimed wood is a great way to bring a sense of warmth into your front entrance this fall. By adding something as simple as a small bench or chair, you can take your entrance space to… read more >>

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning | Home Tips

spring cleaning tips
You may have thought spring cleaning was just something your mother made up to get you to clean your room, but it’s actually a real activity—and a trendsetting one, at that.  After a long, hard winter, nothing can feel more oppressive than that buildup of dust and clutter.  It’s time to open those doors and windows and kick all of that oppressive dirt to the curb; and while you’re emptying out that room, it’s a good time to start on those renovations, too.  Here are the newest trends in the world of spring cleaning. Where to start Start that spring… read more >>

New Years’ Resolutions You Can Stick To | Cleaning Tips

cleaning bottles
Many people have mixed feelings about making a tidy house the focus of their New Years' resolutions. On the one hand, it can feel like a chance to fix those nagging problems that have been bothering you for months on end. On the other hand, life happens and nobody is perfect, and if you end up not meeting the goals you made on January 1st, you can feel as though you have failed at something big. The trick to nailing your New Years' resolutions is to create a plan of action and to take small steps towards a larger goal,… read more >>