7 Simple Steps to Puppy Proofing Your Home [Checklist]

puppy proofing your home checklist

What The Experts Say About Puppy Proofing Your Home

Preparing your home for a new animal is an essential step in keeping them safe, happy, and healthy. Our simple 7 step checklist for puppy proofing your home will be sure to make this important, yet exciting, process a breeze!

1. Sanitize Your Carpets

Carpets can harbour all types of bacteria, dust and dirt that can irritate our furry friends, or encourage pets to use rugs and carpets as their own personal pee pad.

Our professional and experienced team can ensure a deep, thorough clean, clean your rugs and carpets so that they’re fresh, new and safe for your new pets.

2. Clean Up Small Hazards

Puppies and kitties can choke on an innumerable amount of objects in your home, so you’ll have to put those away.

Throw out any small objects that you don’t need, such as trinkets or accent pieces that could easily end up as a puppy’s chew toy.

Keep any other small objects or precious mementos safely stores away and out of reach so that you prevent any accidentally swallowing or choking by your furry friends.

3. Latch Your Cabinets and Cupboards

You may be surprised by just how curious that cute new puppy or kitty can be.

Latches will keep your pets away from harmful chemicals, choking hazards and garbage that are very dangerous for those lovely little guys.

Basic baby latches can be purchased inexpensively in most superstores or grocery stores.

4. Lid Your Trash Cans

Swap out simple trash bins for the lidded type in order to prevent your new pet from getting into something they shouldn’t.

puppy proof your house with this checklist

5. Put Cords Away

Puppies, cats and other animals love to play with cords, and that’s extremely dangerous.

If you have a lot of stray cords, it’s important that you bundle them up and keep them far away from your pets.

Some easy solutions include hiding them behind baseboards or pinning them up out of reach.

6. Set Up Baby Gates

While we love having our pets around us, and they love being around us, they aren’t always safe everywhere.

When pet proofing your home, always think about how your pet could get in trouble.

Gates can help keep pets out of places that could cause them harm, and help you direct them around the house safely.

Start by putting gates at the top or bottom of stairways, especially for puppies, who have a tendency to fall down stairs less gracefully than cats.

7. Clear Your Air

Your home is about to become a whole lot furrier, so it really is best to start with a clean slate.

By replacing your furnace filter, you will ensure that your air filtration system is able to handle all the higher demands of the circulating pet hair.

Even better – have your air ducts and furnace cleaned in order to reduce the stress on your home system.

And last, but not least – enjoy the process!

Puppy proofing your home may be a bit of a daunting task, but by ensuring you complete each of the steps in this checklist, you will surely be able to rest at ease.

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