New Year, New Pet: How to Pet Proof Your Home (and Carpets)

Summary: Got a new family member over the holidays? Then it’s time to pet proof your home. Here are a few ways to keep your furry friend safe and protect your home, especially your carpets.

If you or your family adopted a new pet over the holidays, you’ll need to pet-proof your home. Here are a few quick and simple pet proofing tips to help you keep your new furry family member safe and happy, and protect your home from accidents and other pet-related disasters.

  1. Get a Gate (or two, or three)

While we love having our pets around us, and they love being around us, they aren’t always safe everywhere. When pet proofing your home, always think about how your pet could get in trouble. Cats, for example, love to bolt out of rooms but rarely slow down when running from carpet to hardwood. The result: cats that slide around, and if they slide off a ledge, they could seriously hurt themselves. Dogs, too, can end up hurting themselves by sliding around corners and into things because they didn’t account for your freshly-polished hardwood.

Gates can also help keep pets out of places that could cause them harm, and help you direct them around the house safely. Start by putting gates up at stairways, especially for puppies, who have a tendency to fall down stairs less gracefully than cats. You can also set up gates by your main entryway to keep muddy paw prints off of your floors and carpets.

  1. Latch Everything

You would be surprised what dogs and cats can get into with little more than dedication and their paws. Doors, cupboards, trash cans and more offer little resistance to your determined pets, and dogs especially seem to take great pleasure in spreading garbage all over the floors. Latches, whether they are on cupboard doors, trash cans, or cabinets (yes, cats will climb up and get into cabinets while you are out of the room), will keep your pets away from harmful chemicals and dirty garbage – garbage that could very well be all over your carpets the next time you come home.

  1. Find and Eliminate Choking Hazards

Cats and dogs can act like children, which is why pet proofing and child proofing overlap so much. On top of keeping chemicals and dangerous materials out of reach, you should also think about choking hazards. Dogs will eat almost anything, including string, buttons and more, all of which can cause them to choke. Keep your home tidy and free of clutter that could become choking hazards, and regularly cleaning your carpets (especially places you can’t normally reach) to ensure no choking hazards are lurking out of sight.

Pet proofing is a necessary part of owning a pet but the benefits extend past keeping your new furry family member safe. Properly gearing towards animal safety also protects your home by keeping your animals away from precious and expensive parts of a house that can be easily ruined, like carpets or cabinetry.


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